Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

FAQ’s For Buyers

How does Engineering Circle Pre-Qualify suppliers?
Suppliers must demonstrate industry experience under each category for which they apply. We validate that this experience is real, and then publish their profile including their experience on our website. Buyers can then see for themselves and make their own minds up as to whether the supplier experience is sufficient or not.

Why should I trust a supplier on Engineering Circle?
Suppliers who register with Engineering Circle must demonstrate experience. Engineering Circle will then publish supplier experience, qualifications and other vendor lists where they feature. We provide enough information for a buyer to make an informed decision about a suppliers capabilities. Suppliers must provide proof of their experience, qualifications/certifications, and vendor lists. Proof provided by a supplier is checked by Engineering Circle before being published online.

A supplier has contacted me for a reference but I don’t want to give one.
One method we use to validate supplier experience is for previous clients to validate a supplier portfolio. We won’t publish sensitive information regarding a particular project, just basic info like what was provided, to what project and when. If you are concerned about providing a reference for a supplier then please contact us with your concerns. We are always looking to improve.

What happens if we use an Engineering Circle Registered supplier and are not happy with the product or service?
Whilst we make every endevour to ensure that only competent and experienced suppliers make it onto our register, Engineering Circle does not guarantee the performance of registered suppliers.  We are however very interested in buyer feedback about registered suppliers (whether the feedback be positive or negative).  If you have had a buying experience that we should know about then please email us at

FAQ For Suppliers

How do I become a registered supplier?
Becoming a registered supplier is easy – as long as you have industry experience. Suppliers are required to provide experience for each product category for which they wish to list. Visit our ‘For Suppliers’ page for more information about how to register and what information is required.

How much does it cost?
Please find our price plan here. Alternatively you can sign up for free test basic plan here.

What do I get for my subscription cost?
Apart from being part of the world’s premium Supplier register for the Energy sector, suppliers also get:

  1. Constant job alerts from buyers all around the world
  2. Newsletters with industry updates and opportunities
  3. Lead generation through your online profile
  4. Representation by Engineering Circle at various international trade shows around the world
  5. Company profile page listing with your experience, certifications and vendor lists which can be found in search engines providing more visitors to your company

Can I pay extra for more publicity / marketing?
The short answer is no. Our philosophy is that your achievements do the talking – not your money. Suppliers can only distinguish themselves from their competitors by their experience, certifications and vendor lists. This way we can provide an unbiased platform for buyers to find the suppliers they need.

How to I cancel my registration?
When you are logged into your profile area you can navigate to a ‘Cancel Registration’ button and instructions. If you are having troubles with this then please contact us and we’ll talk you through it.

What Additional Services does Engineering Circle offer:
Our additional services vary depending on your products and sub sectors. We will send out regular emails outlining offers, partnerships and industry news…etc. Our experienced engineers love to help out with technical or contractual queries if/when we can. If you are seeking advice then we may be able to help – contact us via our Contact page.