About Engineering Circle

Engineering Circle runs an independent, online register of suppliers to the global oil, gas and petrochemical sectors


Who Runs Engineering Circle?

Engineering Circle Ltd. is a New Zealand registered company, run  by experienced engineers and purchasers.  Our Chief Engineer is Peter Meek.  Peter is a professional mechanical engineer with over 12 years’ experience as a project manager for large scale projects in the global energy sectors.  Peter has lived and worked in the UK, USA, Germany, Japan, New Zealand and Latin America.  Peter has an in depth understanding of the buyer / supplier relationship for today’s global energy markets.

A Message from the Chief Engineer


Welcome to Engineering Circle. We hope that you find our register a useful sourcing tool. During my 10 years working in the energy sector around the globe I have made a number of observations. One key observation is that there are a lot of untapped synergies between different geographical locations, resulting in unnecessarily fragmented global energy sectors. Suppliers around the world are often held to the same standard (whether it be Asia, Africa, Europe or the Americas), but struggle to sell their equipment or services to new geographical locations. Here at Engineering Circle we aim to break down these barriers, and increase the efficiency of the global energy sectors. We understand that if a supplier can meet the high standards of a reputable Oil, Gas or Petrochemical major, then they will most likely meet most company’s standards. Of course we don’t make that decision for you – we just provide the information that you need to make that decision for yourself…

Peter Meek, CPEng, MIPENZ

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